Joe Walker, Platform Reconstruction Diving in Talara, Peru

Joe Walker, Platform Reconstruction Diving in Talara, Peru


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·         Posted by Andre Blaauw, July 12, 2018
Expert Commercial Diver Legal Representation

Joseph Walker represented me in a Jones Act lawsuit that went to trial, and he nailed it. His knowledge of the Commercial Diving Industry is based on personal work experience he gained as a Closed Bell Diver. Having Joseph as my defense was a privilege. He is professional, meticulous and an expert in the applicable law. I’ll give Joseph my recommendation for all divers who have been injured at work. He will put up the fight for you! Thanks Joseph. You changed my life.
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·         Posted by Clinton, July 10, 2018

Legal representation at its finest

After being involved in a diving related decompression incident, I was blessed to have Joe as my attorney. His professionalism and meticulousness were essential during the legal road that he navigated me through. No matter the obstruction the insurance company used, Joe's preparedness and abilities bested them. Our rapport that developed throughout our journey together demonstrated to me that if I ever had to face a legal battle, I would want Joseph Walker in my corner.
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·         Posted by Matthew, July 9, 2018


Great Personal Injury Lawyer

Great lawyer. I would recommend Joe Walker. He took my case when no other lawyer would. My case was hard to fight, he never backed down. He fought all the way through. I explained my case to him and he said, “let me work my magic.” He was right!! He’s a very smart intelligent guy that will win a case for you. If I had to do it all over again, Joe Walker would still be my Attorney.

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·         Posted by Galatea, March 21, 2015

Great and Unique Lawyer
Mr. Walker handled a breach of contract by my medical insurance provider. He is actually a dive attorney; i.e., he represents plaintiffs who have been injured while scuba diving on the job. I think he can get a grip on and handle any case in the civil arena with speed and brilliance. My little case was settled with one letter from him to the insurance provider. Not only did they pay the claim, but I was awarded a rather astonishing settlement in light of the fact that the case was very small. Breach of contract is serious in any event, but my case was small in that they refused to pay for a diagnostic procedure that was clearly their contractual responsibility. I have no idea what he wrote in that letter to them but it worked.


A unique feature about this lawyer: He is the only lawyer in the USA who holds a Saturation Diving Certification for the North Sea. The North Sea is where the Titanic went down. It's dark, rough icy water, and very deep. I think he is getting picky about what cases he takes on. He is a great personal injury lawyer. He handled this case for me years ago and I should have written this review about him sooner. I don’t understand that he has no industry recognition. He has numerous newspaper articles about his court room victories framed on his office wall.


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Attorney endorsements


Craig Broussard, Admiralty and maritime Attorney on Oct 4, 2018

I have worked closely with Joe on several complex litigation matters, including diving personal injury cases and other maritime personal injury matters. Joe always gives 100% of his knowledge, skill and devotion to his clients. His knowledge of the law and zealous client representation is matched by the degree of professionalism and collegiality he displays to opposing counsel and to those who work in the Court system. These qualities place Joe in high esteem of practitioners on both sides of the aisle, which allows him to get timely, beneficial results for his clients. Joe is not afraid to stand up for what is best for his clients, and I admire the energy and preparation he puts into developing a case for litigation. I would strongly recommend Joe's services to anyone in need of a highly skilled, highly motivated litigator.


Joe House, Litigation Attorney on Jul 21, 2017

I have worked with Joe on many matters over many years, including Jones Act cases involving divers, trade secret litigation, and products liability actions. He works tirelessly for his clients and is an extremely aggressive and effective advocate on their behalf. As a former commercial diver, he has invaluable insights into admiralty/Jones Act cases involving vessels.

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